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YellowPages is an online business directory that has about 25 Mn visitors/month. YellowPages was born 125 years back as a physical business directory for the US. It currently has a wide range of features including customer reviews, reverse database search via name/address/phone number, questions & answers, coupons & deals etc.

Following are the Steps to Add/Claim Your Business Listings on Yellow Pages

1- Go to YellowPages homepage & Click on “Get Your Free Listing”.

2- Enter Basic Business Information

3- Enter Detailed Business Information

4- Verify Your Business Listing

1st Step Yellow Pages

Step 1 : Go to the Yellow pages Home Page.

Visit Yellowpages homepage. Click on the option Get Your Free Listing! shown in the middle of the webpage.

2- Enter Basic Business Information

In the following page, enter your Business Name & Phone Number in the respective areas and click on the Get my free listing button.

If your business does not appear, click on the Add Now option in order to add the business.

Now, you will be directed to a page asking for your First Name, Last Name & Business Email. Fill it up and click on Claim Now.

2nd Step Yellow Pages
3rd Step Yellow Pages

3) Enter Detailed Business Information

In the following page, you will be asked to fill a form which collects detailed information about your business. Double-check the data after filling it up and click on Continue.

4) Verify the Claimed Detail:

Login/Signup into with necessary credentials.

Once you are logged in, the following page shows that Yellow Pages will verify your business via phone call. Click on Verify By Phone. Once you receive the verification call, your listing will be live in a short while.

4th Step Yellow Pages
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