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SuperPages is an online business directory for retailers & small local businesses. It has about 1.8 Mn visitors on a monthly average. Similar to GMB, it has features like driving directions, hours of operation and customer reviews. SuperPages was launched in 1996 and is a part of SuperMedia group.

Following are the steps to add/claim your business listings on SuperPages

1) Go to SuperPages Home Page & Click on “ Claim Your listings”.

2) Fill out the form along with a message.

1st Step Super Pages

Step 1: Go to Super Pages Homepage

Visit Superpages home page. At the bottom right side of the page, click on “Claim your business” option.

Step 2: Fill Out The Form

The form includes 4 sections:

The first part requires you to select the reason why you are contacting SuperPages, which is an auto select with options “Complaints, Questions, Comments, Suggestions”.

The second part is to enter your personal details.

The third part is for collecting your business information.

The final part requires you to draft a message (as shown below) for Super pages.

You will receive an email confirmation shortly after this.

2nd Step Super Pages

Sample Message

“Hello, I would like to add/claim my business on SuperPages. I’ve already filled all the required information. Feel free to contact me in case of any queries. Hoping to claim my listing at the earliest. Thank you”

Get Listed on 200+ Directories with RoarUs

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