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MerchantCircle is an online business directory and a social business network, which combines the features of Yellow pages, Yelp, and CitySearch along with community oriented social media pages like Facebook. MerchantCircle has 2 million registered merchants and also has an average monthly traffic of 18k visitors. Businesses listed on MerchantCircle may publish blogs, create coupons and send an online newsletter through the network.

Following are the steps to add/claim your business listings on MerchantCircle.

1- Create an account

2- Add/Claim your business

3- Choose a plan

4- Enable/Disable Ads

5- Verify Your Listing

1st Step Merchant Circle

Step 1- Create an account:

Go to MerchantCircle homepage and at the bottom of the page, click Claim Your Business.

You will be directed to a form where you should fill in all the required information.

Step 2- Add/ Claim Your Business

Now, MerchantCircle searches your business in the database. If your business is already listed, a page appears with an option Claim This Business. Click on it and proceed to step 3.

If your business is not yet listed, then you can add it directly.

In both these cases you will be redirected to a page, where you can fill in your complete business information.

2nd Step Merchant Circle
3rd Step Merchant Circle

Step 3- Choose a plan

Now, you will be directed to choose a plan for your listing. The three available plans are Standard, Premium, and Premium with MC SignPost.

Go through the benefits of each and select a plan that best suits your requirement. For a basic listing, the Standard(Free) option can be preferred.

For Premium with MC SignPost you will have enhanced visibility and higher rankings. For enabling this option, you will have to share your contact details for the MerchantCircle representative to get in touch with you.

Step 4- Ad option

After selecting the plan, you will be taken to Hero Ad’s where you can either

  1. Estimate the Ad expense ( Select Category and Type of business)
  2. Skip this step directly.

If you don’t require paid ads, skip this step by clicking on Skip/Next.

5- Verify Your Listing

As the final step, a confirmation mail will be sent by MerchantCircle where you have to click on Verify your account.

Note: The confirmation mail might go to Spam as well.

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