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CitySearch is an online city guide which was started in 1995 by City Grid Media. It has around 30k visitors on a monthly average. It is available in cities throughout the United States and is helpful for business categories like travel, entertainment, dining, retail, and professional services.

Note: City Search syncs data directly from Express update.


Following are the steps to add/claim your business listings on CitySearch.

1- Go to Express Update HomePage & Check for Your Business

2 (i) If the Listing is Already Available, Claim Your Business

(ii) If the Listing is Unavailable, Add Your Business

3 Verify Your Business Data

1st Step City Search

Step 1: Check Whether Your Business is Already Listed

Go to Expressupdate homepage, and enter your Business Name/Address/Phone Number and hit the Enter key.

Step2 (i) Claim Your Business (Only if your listing is available)

The relevant results for your search will be listed below the search bar. Scroll down through the results & click Claim Now for your required business listing.

2nd Step City Search
Option 2 Step2 City Search

Step 2 (ii) Add Your Business (Only if your business listing is not found)

Click on Add it now button below the search bar. In the following page, fill in all the required business information along with your contact number and relationship with the business.

3) Verify The Claim.

In the following page, CitySearch displays your business phone number for a verification call. Click on Yes, Call me Now and you will receive the call immediately.

A verification code will be provided over the call which should be entered on the following page.

Once the procedure is completed, CitySearch will sync your business data from Express Update in a short span of time.

3rd Step City Search
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