About Us

“The RoarUs Marketing” is the brainchild of a bunch of young enthusiasts who dreamt of being something more than just another start-up around the corner. After all a man’s worth is no greater than his ambitions.

Our Story

We were a bunch of undergrads who happened to cross paths while pursuing our masters far away from home. Our common interests brought us together. All the time we’ve spent together, we’ve engaged in heated discussions regarding current affairs, innovations, marketing ideas and ways of collaborating all of them to come up with something spectacular.

Now the interesting part is that our discussions didn’t end as baseless dreams. We started backing up our thought process with numbers and facts constituting the magic portion which is “DATA”. The outcome of our planning and realisation encouraged us to take the plunge of doing something new, to be the risk-takers that we have admired and grown up to be. That’s how the “The RoarUs Marketing” was born.

What we do?

We get people talking about your business. If you are a service provider struggling to make your presence felt in the market, we might be able to help. We will make your brand familiar to your target customers through the internet and social forums. We ensure your visibility in the market and keep you ahead of the competition. Digital marketing is our forte. We navigate our clients through the best paths in different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, websites and so on. Wherever and everywhere you wish your presence to be felt RoarUs is your entry pass.

We also cater to event management. We publicise your events, we capture your journey in the form of stunning clicks and videos. We at RoarUs simply portrays your business at its best.

"Your products and services in collaboration with our skills and techniques will make the perfect recipe for success in the market."

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